How to understand your dreams better

Have you ever been encouraged to ‘sleep on it’ before making an important decision, only to wonder what benefit this brings? Well, sleep, namely your dreams, really can provide invaluable insights when it comes to your waking life.

So, why do we dream?

One widely held theory is that it allows us to process and store our conscious experiences. While asleep, our unconscious mind supports us in finding answers and discharging negativity – without the usual biases that exist in our conscious thinking. Dreaming can also help to stabilize our biochemistry, mood, well-being, and health. Most importantly, it is one of the ways that your Soul communicates with you!

Logging your dreams can help you understand yourself better and connect with your Higher Self.

If you find it difficult to recall your dreams, try this:

Wake up slowly, even if that means setting your alarm clock a little earlier! Spend some time luxuriating in that peaceful stage between sleep and waking – in what’s called the “hypnagogic state.” In those moments, your conscious mind kicks in, but is still deeply connected to your unconscious.

Record your dream/s in soulloop app immediately – otherwise they will fade. You may recall a face, object, color, scenario, or feel an emotion. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make perfect sense. Nothing is too “strange” or “weird.” The prompts in the app will help you do this.

Review your dream/s, keeping in mind what is going on in your life right now. See if they reflect certain situations and patterns. They don’t always have to, as some things may not have played out yet – but over time you should start to see things emerge.

If you want to go one step further… Identify if any of the themes coming up in your dream/s connect back to your Birth Chart. Go back and review my personalized Birth Chart reading to see.

Top tip:

If you are short on time or are unsure how to articulate your dreams in writing, opt to use the voice recording feature on the app. Try this every day for one week to help program your subconscious to remember. Soon it will become second nature to you.