How to harness happiness

Do you ever feel that happiness is a destination you are in constant pursuit of?

Happiness exists when we flow with life and not when we struggle against it. Trust in your life’s trajectory and that your earthly choices are directing you towards something bigger than you can imagine. Your happiness does not depend on the events that you experience in this life, but instead on the way that you respond.

Opposing forces maintain the harmony of the universe and your soul can learn to recognize that the pain you encounter in this world is just as important as the pleasuresyou enjoy. What you currently face is strengthening your core and aligning you with your purpose.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you abandoning your true self and keeping yourself small?

How can you shift into wonder and curiosity to direct your soul towards a deeper wisdom?

Align your soul with your heart, truth, values, and beliefs by using these simple journal prompts:

1. Which three things am I grateful for today? Take stock of what is already abundant in your life. Practicing gratitude helps to combat negativity bias, which is a part of human nature. Through consciously and consistently finding the positive, we discover that happiness is much closer that it seems.

2. Note what I can see, smell, and touch. Mindfulness can help you manage your emotions, reactions, reduce stress, and bring you back to the present moment. When thoughts feel overwhelming, find solace in your senses.

3. Imagine what my dream life looks like. The health benefits of positive psychology are extensive, and visualization is a powerful tool that can assist you in working towards the things you truly desire. It’s also true that the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

The world needs your light more than ever right now. And, if you are bridging the space between where you are currently and where your soul wants you to be, trust that you are being guided in the right direction for self-discovery. The person you’re becoming is already within you.