How the solar eclipse may impact you ?

On October 14, the solar eclipse in Libra facilitates conversations that balance the power dynamics in relationships, with the New Moon shading the Sun in conjunction with Mercury. 

During this period, the key word is authenticity, especially as you commit to new relationships or re-enter improved ones. Take the present moment of impartiality to establish balanced compromises that can work in the long run. 

New beginnings now may develop over the next 6 months and extend beyond, bringing transformation that can align you with your life purpose. Connect with this energy and set your new intentions for the future with the New Moon Meditation on the Soulloop app’s Meditation.

⚡Follow the speed of events 

This family of eclipses speeds up the rhythm of events, resulting in the sudden resolution of challenges. It improves the power dynamics in relationships, especially partnerships and facilitates conversations which bring to light patterns that need to be transformed, so that greater balance and harmony can be achieved. It is an opportunity to connect with the frequency that activates your thinking and communication skills with the Soulloop app’s Music Air: communication and thinking.

🤓 Make the necessary changes 

The emotional intensity of these days can bring transformative insights, directing your intuition towards deep self-enquiry and self-discovery. The processes of regeneration and healing that your emotions trigger can be expressed as structural change, both internal and external, with the square of Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. Now is the time to acknowledge any discomfort you may feel in your relationships and make the necessary changes to resolve them. Leap into action and activate your inner power with the Sex & Empowerment astro-coaching Journeys in the Soulloop app.

✅  Implement concrete solutions

This eclipse highlights the importance of self-care and of expressing your own needs and desires within relationships. With Venus in Virgo opposing Saturn in Pisces, it’s a good time to launch a new approach to how you relate to others. Reassess the boundaries: the balance between give and take, and the alignment between your values and your decisions. Now, you can find practical solutions that add emotional depth and a sense of responsibility, in order to nurture your well-being. 

Make the most of the transformation this eclipse brings.

With love,