How can the lunar eclipse build your self-confidence?

In October 28, the lunar eclipse in Aries encourages independence and enhances prosperity occurring shortly after the Full Moon in Taurus. It is a moment of personal strength, self-discovery and individuality, for you to connect with your needs and desires, let go of what no longer serves your personal growth, and explore directions that strengthen your self-confidence.

🌟 Be unique

The lunar eclipse enhances spontaneity and independence, bringing impetus for practical action towards deep emotional transformation. This energy favors the discovery of your uniqueness, strengthens your sense of self-worth, and can be channeled towards personal growth and material prosperity. It is a time to align yourself with what you want to accomplish, getting in sync with this energy with the Full Moon Meditation on the Soulloop app’s Meditation

✅ Transform your emotions with practical actions

During this period, there is an increased inner and outer capacity to find solutions and resolve challenges with Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio. The solutions you find now to your emotional challenges manifest as practical achievements in your life and vice versa. The challenges you resolve in your practical life contribute to positive change in your emotions. This is a period of effective self-improvement, rooted in your emotional transformation and expressed as improvement in practical life. You can enhance the frequency that awakens courage, initiative and strength to act, with the Fire: courage, strength and action in Soulloop app’s Music.

Tune in to your intuition

The energy of this family of lunar eclipses brings creativity and flashes of genius, stimulates ambition that boosts individual initiative and awakens your inner power. Intuitive leaps, insights, original ideas, as well as vivid dreams and active imagination channel your inspiration, and express your originality.

You may feel the need to connect to all this information, and spending time on your own could be essential, even if it means temporarily stepping away from distractions. 

🧠 Explore your insights

In this period of completion and resolution, your communication can feel deeper, more assertive, and your actions more determined with Mercury in conjunction with Mars in Scorpio, both in opposition to the Moon. Journaling, meditation and other mindfulness practices – available to you in a holistic way, with personalized practices and information on the Soulloop app – can help you relax, connect and better understand your emotions and feelings, and explore your motivations and insights.

Wishing you an empowering lunar eclipse.

With Love,