Healthy habits to start today

It’s no secret that the pandemic presented us with substantial challenges. However, there was also immense opportunity for growth and regeneration.

In a world full of change, having a toolkit of resources to tap into is more important than ever. Knowledge is power, and it makes most sense when experienced through practice. Soulloop app gives you foundational knowledge and techniques to support your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Now it’s up to you to commit to making them second nature.

Evidence-based healthy habits:

  • Prioritize sleep: All available research shows that there is a profound connection between mental health and sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene through maintaining a regular routine, avoiding tech and blue light before bed, and limiting your caffeine intake. Dreams can offer you important guidance at pivotal times in your life. Start tracking them on the app.
  • Practice gratitude: “Nerve cells that fire together wire together” meaning that your thoughts can hardwire your emotional responses. Start noting three things that you’re grateful for every day and notice what happens.
  • Meditate more: Meditating has been shown to provide greater mental clarity, better working memory, and increased focus. Start with setting aside time to meditate once a week and build up gradually until you’re doing it daily!
  • Take advantage of brain plasticity: The more you engage your brain, the more dynamic it becomes. Yoga has been shown to increase GABA in the brain, resulting in long-lasting calming effects.
  • Journal daily: Journaling is scientifically-proven to boost mood – use My Mood to notice if any repeating patterns arise in tandem with the lunar cycle.

The Philosophy of Alignment:

Start today:

Key to strengthening emotional resilience is being able to adapt to external circumstances and change. Utilizing these everyday tools will help you to become more comfortable with the unpredictable.

Remember, your thoughts dictate your responses – they are powerful and pre-emptive. When your intentions and values match your behavior, you feel a greater sense of alignment between who you are and who you want to become.