Heal and Love

Together we heal, discover ourselves and love more deeply.

At the core of our being lies the essence of who we are, clouded at times by challenging memories and societal conditioning. 

Yet, with the process of healing, we move through these clouds, and discover the truth of our souls.

The energy that creates the body, heals the body (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

The alignment of Mars and Chiron in aspect to the Moon, may prompt your vulnerability and your your proactivity to address your challenges with courage. 

The journey of healing is more than a process of mending, it is an alchemy of transmutation, where our memories become gateways to deeper understanding and compassion. 

As we embrace our vulnerability, we integrate these fragmented parts of ourselves into our whole being. 

This could be time to take a new approach to hear these parts of us that are calling to be healed. 

In love we meet

To know yourself, to connect with your inner depth, with your soul and divine essence is at the centre of what we do at Soulloop.

Through mindfulness practices and self-inquiry, with each step along this journey, we shed the layers of illusion that obscure our nature, and shine the love and wisdom that lie at our core.

Soulloop app’s Personal Relationships Journey are tools for guiding us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connections with others. Practices such as the Heart Chakra Meditation and the Basket of Flowers Mudra, open the heart to the transformative power of love, of cultivating compassion and empathy for ourselves and those around us. 

Embrace authenticity

Ultimately, the path of healing leads us to more authenticity, where we find the key to open the gates of love.

With each moment of self-discovery and healing, we are closer to the source of love that resides within us, radiating its light outward to illuminate the world around us. 


Priscila x