Happy Solstice 

On June 21 at 3:57 GMT the Sun changes its magnetism and all our solar system shifts into a different rhythm.

The Sun represents our essence, our soul, the divine spark in us, connecting us to infinite consciousness. At this time, our essence reaches a peak, energetically the closest to infinite consciousness. 

Outward and inward magnetism

The first solstice of the year, on June 21, marks the longest day and shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere, and the longest night and shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere. 

During the period between the first solstice and the second (21 December), the magnetism of the Sun reaches a point of return, then starts withdrawing and retracting. It is the ideal time for projects that develop inwardly. We are now starting this period.

During the following period, the magnetism of the Sun expands again, making it the ideal time to launch projects that grow outwardly, that increase in dimension and number, like reaching large audiences.

With the Sun in Cancer, this moment is also ruled by the Moon, activating a motherly vibe, embracing and nourishing. We become more sensitive, and feel the need to turn to our emotional foundations. And thus begins the second half of the year.

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Check the energy of your Sun for the second half of the year


There’s an emphasis on value, worth, finances, and your creative dynamism to grow them. Balance your drive with more family time, where you’ll find moments of tranquillity.


It is all about you, how you present to the world, your breakthroughs in self-expression and self-image. With your emotions and plenty of action at home, you feel supported to move ahead in groups or organizations.


Taking it easy seems to be the vibe this year, but a surge in communication and dealings sets off your career, personal and professional, and you get income through goals that inspire you. 


Friends and groups bring breakthroughs and change to your life while you focus on goals that bring you income. Ethical, spiritual, or philosophical principles light you up and become part of your self-expression.


While you reach out to the world with your heart, breakthroughs and opportunities flow in your career, professional and personal. Great inner regeneration is on the way, as you realize the key is within.


Relaxing and letting go may be the best way to deal with everything. You turn to spiritual practice or philosophical study, and reconsider your role in both partnerships and organizations.


Regenerative breakthroughs and change connect you to groups or organizations. You feel it is easier to do all the work that moves you forward in your career, personal and professional.


The great dynamism in your career is supported by change and expansion in partnerships. Your creative projects have a philosophical or spiritual allure to them that foster love, which you give and receive.


It’s all about higher knowledge and a broad perspective to regenerate and recover from work routine. Being at home and with the family may prove the unexpected balm that soothes you.


If things seem beyond your control, engage your creative intelligence and sense of play. There may be skills to learn and train that you can readily apply in partnerships.


Partnerships keep you busy, but the work they bring is rewarding. There are endless opportunities for you to settle into a very different and unique kind of family or home.


Work may take up your time, but your creativity fills every hour of your day with timelessness. Your dealings with peers, co-workers, and relatives bring out the best of your self-expression.

Wishing you the best six months ahead!