Happy new astrological year!

Yesterday the Sun entered Aries, starting a new astrological cycle. It was also the first equinox of the year, one of the two times in the year when the length of day and night are the same, with the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and of autumn in the southern hemisphere. 

March is the most important month of 2023 with the beginning of changes that will unfold throughout the year. The current status quo starts to change: Saturn moves into Pisces on the 7th and Pluto into Aquarius on the 23rd. The last time these moves occurred was in 1996, and between 1778 and 1798 respectively.

In addition, the Sun enters Aries on the 21st, starting a new astrological year, which will be governed by the Moon. With the Sun in Aries, we experience a boost in spontaneity and motivation, more willing to deal with challenges and find solutions. The signature energy of the new astrological year is change and relationships, brought by the blend of several planetary conjunctions favoring:

  • Communication: You may feel more talkative and like actively reaching out to others. Spontaneous communication can occur at any time in your surroundings, rewarding you with a great sense of connection, bringing insights that lead and inspire you (conjunction of the Sun with Mercury).
  • Healing: You can find swift solutions, greater meaning, and purpose by channeling the stream of opportunities for inner healing — turning your vulnerability into strength, along with philosophical or spiritual knowledge that supports your healing process, sharing the experience to help others heal as well (conjunction of Jupiter to Chiron).
  • Love and Purpose: Highlighting your choices and decisions, what you let in and leave out of your life, how you manifest love, harmony, self-worth, mutual benefit, and purpose (conjunction of Venus with the North Node). 

Saturn in Pisces, a collective shift

Saturn represents boundaries, rules, and discipline. Characteristics necessary for our maturity and spiritual evolution. Pisces is a mutable sign, open to the arts, intuition, compassion, and spirituality. This new position of Saturn makes its energy less resistant, more flexible, and permeable. This combination results in a call to develop more spiritual responsibility. 

The great shift comes through mankind’s realization of its karmic responsibilities, of the universal laws of attraction, and action and reaction. This lifting of our mental limitations is for the purpose of elevating, though at the same time, for those with many veils, perception can seem a little less clear. This is an invitation for your Higher Self to lead your everyday life. A step toward our spiritual responsibility.

Pluto in Aquarius, a glimpse into the next two decades

The other highlight of the month — and of the year — is the move of Pluto to Aquarius on the 23rd, remaining there until June, when it starts a retrograde movement to return to Capricorn until January 2024, and later will definitely stay in Aquarius until 2043. The last passage of Pluto in Aquarius was between 1778 and 1798. There were many historical transformations under this transit, considered the end of the Modern Age and the beginning of the Contemporary Age.

The tendency throughout this transit is shifting top-down established structures, with an emphasis on social mindfulness, personal identity within the group, and the betterment of everyone’s life. Big changes will happen in the media. Individually, we are called to transform our perception of security, of control, and of power. 

See in the Soulloop app the area where this energy will most manifest in your life, checking the house where Aquarius is in your Birth Chart, which Pluto is transiting.

See how this energy will manifest in your personal transformation:

Pluto transiting natal House 1

Reshape how you see yourself and how you navigate life, and see relationships and partnerships as a part of your development. 

Pluto transiting natal House 2

Security can be achieved by transforming the perception you have of your self-sufficiency, the way you take care of yourself and those who depend on you, accepting and developing input from others.

Pluto transiting natal House 3

Transform your decision-making process, accepting and trusting knowledge that cannot be grasped by reasoning or thought.   

Pluto transiting natal House 4

Address how you find fulfillment and emotional satisfaction, building your sense of belonging or bonding.

Pluto transiting natal House 5

Security and fulfillment can be acquired through your creative drive by inspiring others, opening up to sharing, and including others’ creative input in your life.  

Pluto transiting natal House 6

Transform your beliefs around the rewards of hard work and effort, realizing the importance of engaging without expectation.

Pluto transiting natal House 7

Develop self-assertion, autonomy, and independence.

Pluto transiting natal House 8

Explore your inner resources, material and immaterial values, and abilities, building independence through emotional resilience to achieve self-reliance.

Pluto transiting natal House 9

Question knowledge garnered from personal beliefs or belief systems, experimenting and developing your own ideas in daily practice.

Pluto transiting natal House 10

Realize that happiness is what matters and rooting your life goals in your emotional foundation.

Pluto transiting natal House 11

Build true security by practicing self-acceptance, staying true to your originality, and sharing your creative power with supportive, like-minded people.   

Pluto transiting natal House 12

Be inspired to continue to work on yourself and in the world, addressing your life with focus and ambition, transforming detachment into success.

Hoping the astrological year ahead brings you everything you wish for.