Happy Foundations

This week, your emotional bonds are highlighted. The astrological element water – which represents emotions and connection – is more present, as both the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer. It is likely that they seem even more important to your happiness, physical and mental well-being. 

At the same time, the Moon (which rules Cancer), moves through Pisces and goes past Saturn. This makes it a good moment to understand how trusting relationships are vital for a meaningful existence, more than other factors such as diet, lifestyle, or social status. 

Emotional bonding

Trust and reliability are at the root of healthy emotional bonds, as shown by research. To cherish and nourish connections that bring love, support, and understanding, it is important to have a stable foundation from which to grow together.

When we trust in another person on an emotional level and feel safe enough to be vulnerable, we can truly express ourselves and be authentically who we are. Visualizing the future ahead fosters a creative flow to nurture projects and share prosperity.

Cultivate your happiness with Soulloop:

  • With One to One you’re better able to understand someone else’s communication style and outlook, and relate to their wants and needs, improving your way of dealing with differences, with a balance of rational and emotional input.
  • Explore the step-by-step Communication journey, with wellbeing practices to help you express your feelings clearly and with empathy, creating a safe space to be yourself.
  • Connect to the Water element in Soulloop Music to flow with your emotions.

Our relationships hold the key to a fulfilling life. Wishing you love and meaningful connections.