Hack your Habits

Every month provides a fresh opportunity to re-evaluate and move forward. That’s right, you can take advantage of the lunar cycle using the astrological tools in our app. The more you tap into how the Moon impacts your energy, the more abundant life becomes.

The reality is that we are not all the same, and each day brings different opportunities and challenges. Some days we are full of inspiration, motivation and self-awareness, and others, life gets in the way.

Commitment is crucial

For long-term behavioral change, though, starting small is key. It takes around 21 days to form a new habit and, according to BJ Fogg’s model, it’s best to integrate change into your existing routine, so that a new habit has something to ‘stick to.’ Set aside just 5 minutes-a-day to check in with the tools in our astrological app and you’ll soon see the benefits.

Finding a common language

Using the wisdom of astrology, soulloop app enables you to gain practical insights into your own – and others – ways of communicating, so that you can take your relationships to new heights. You can use the astrological app to foster meaningful connections by trying these simple steps today:

Tools for developing new habits:

1. Start by choosing one feature of soulloop app that is attractive and attainable to you. Doing this practice daily will constitute your new habit!

2. Don’t just rely on reminders or alarms. Instead pick an existing routine that you reliably do and stick your new practice on to that.

3. Know that emotions support the creation of habits, not just repetition. So, when you find an activity that feels good to you, you are more likely to stick to it.

4. In addition, go to My Mood, log your mood daily (this takes less than sixty seconds!) and notice how your energy changes in conjunction with the lunar cycle. Each phase has a different energy associated with it and you will benefit from harnessing this.

Top tip:

Emotions are vital in supporting the creation of new habits. Did you know that we can leverage our brains and even hack our emotions? Try giving yourself positive feedback (a high five, or verbal encouragement) for engaging in your new practice. This will make it more likely to stick.

Here’s an affirmation that might resonate with you…

“I am becoming the most beautiful version of myself with each day.”

Repeat this out loud three times.