Follow your intuition during Neptune Retrograde

The energy of Neptune deals with matters of spirituality, as well as how we express compassion and empathy in the world. Therefore, its retrograde motion sparks self-reflection and the opportunity to develop greater empathy towards ourselves and others.

Because of its association with abstract themes such as fantasy and dreams, the energy of Neptune can feel elusive and intangible. When you attune to its vibration, its period of retrograde offers the perfect time to clear your vision.

Retrogrades have a reputation for being challenging. They offer an invaluable opportunity to slow down and anchor yourself to the present moment. After all, overcoming challenges is what leads to self-mastery.

Since Neptune takes its time to travel through the zodiac (almost half a year!), when attuned to its energy, there is plenty of time to cultivate stillness and find grounding. It’s during the quiet times that our intuition can be heard the most. Listen to your intuition, deepen the connection with yourself. The deeper you go, the greater chance you have of moving beyond old pathways and towards growth.

Let creativity be your compass

To enhance compassion and empathy, allow creativity to be your guide. If you’re not sure where to start, simply try journaling or doodling and be open to where your soul leads you. Soulloop app’s meditation and visualization practices in the Communication life area will assist this flow of energy.


Everyone experiences this differently, depending on the placement of Neptune in their Birth Chart:

House 1 – Your personality and life experience

House 2 – Your material and immaterial values

House 3 – Your communication and intellectual skills

House 4 – Your roots, family, and home

House 5 – Your creativity, love, children, and fun

House 6 – Your day-to-day, service and health

House 7 – Your relationships, marriage and partnerships

House 8 – Your values facing the unknown, sexuality, and regeneration

House 9 – Your ideals, higher education, and expansion of awareness

House 10 – Your reputation, career, and authority

House 11 – Your friendships and social responsibility

House 12 – Your unconscious, and your service to humankind

Remember this:

“True creativity flows only from stillness. When stillness becomes conscious, the spiritual dimension enters your life, and you begin to be guided by intelligence far greater than the human mind” (Eckhart Tolle).