Follow your heart

Together, we charge into the week with a series of spirited transits encouraging us to take action. Lean into this forward-moving energy and have the confidence to trust your intuition.

Body-mind connections

‘Follow your heart’ is more than a positive motivational phrase. Advances in science have shown that we can understand our own internal states through ‘interoceptive awareness’ — the ability to identify, access, understand, and respond appropriately to internal signals, sent from our organs to the brain. 

You can test your interoceptive awareness for yourself. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and, without moving, try to feel your heart beating. Can you observe this in your body? 

This awareness plays a major part in our wellbeing — and how we’re equipped to navigate life’s journey. Bodily sensations underlie most of our emotional states, particularly those that are most intense. By understanding our body’s inner workings and messages, we can better regulate our emotions, as well as other physical and mental states. 

Being aware of our emotions benefits our health, wellbeing, social connection, and coping with the daily ups and downs of life. This increased bodily awareness is at work when we decide to follow our heart. 

When you feel and recognise the signals of the body, and tune into these channels of information, you’re able to make heart-centred decisions

Listen to your heart

This week, it feels easier to hear what your heart is telling you. You can reach your goals by harnessing the power of the heart, body, and mind connection.

20th: We kick off a new lunar cycle infused with an idealistic Piscean vibe, with the New Moon in Pisces just two days after the Sun enters the sign. Make time to nurture the intuitive connection with yourselves and the universe as you sow the seeds of future projects: reconnecting with your goals, dreaming, and imagining, then taking action.

22nd: We make easy progress with our communication and planning, with Mercury in trine to Mars. Enhance this further with One-to-One in the Soulloop app, giving you insights into the outlook, inspirations, and motivations of the people who are important in your life using their birth date.

23rd: Our impulse for change and novelty is still intense, with the square of Mercury to Uranus about to end. Ground yourself with a conscious breathing practice on the Soulloop app or put on some music and feel into your body through mindful movement.

24th: Our social life gets a burst of energy that is present for the next two weeks, as Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Aries. Expect an injection of dynamic freshness: ride the wave by saying “yes” to new opportunities and revisiting old connections.

25th: Things aren’t always as they seem at first glance, with the impulsive energy of the square of Mars to Neptune until March 30 highlighting the importance of double-checking. Be conscious of a tendency to act before thinking, approaching your decisions this week with extra patience and care.

Trust what your body and mind are telling you as you embrace spontaneity and leap into action.

As Confucius said: ‘Wherever you go, go with all your heart.’