Focus on relationships

This is the time to take your relationships to new heights.

Venus is retrograding in Leo until September 3, a special transit that brings long term effects. You’ll feel it in your relationships, and also in all matters that involve value, from self-worth to wealth.   

Retrograde transits of Venus finetune your ability to trade or share what you have in to offer, in order to get something that is valuable to you. 

It is a good time to deal with external questions that bring you inner fulfilment, as well as to invest in your love life, with partners, relatives and friends. The energy of Leo brings self-confidence and decisiveness in how you present yourself and anything you have to offer.

Venus represents things that move you from one point to the other, both in space and in your level of satisfaction, such as vehicles, or your ability to make choices and take decisions in life. Important transits of Venus are periods when you decide to be happier in your life, when you choose what brings you joy, a more comfortable path, the reward of a vacation, meeting people you love or a twin soul. When in Leo, your charisma is higher, attracting success and fame. 

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💛To find out which area of your life is gaining these long-term benefits. Go to the house in your birth chart where Leo is. This is the house Venus is transiting now.

Venus transiting natal house 1: You are sensual, radiating an aura of love, at ease in building relationships.

Venus transiting natal house 2: Focus on your self-worth, strengthening your self-esteem and the material and immaterial values that are important to you.

Venus transiting natal house 3: Get ready for a busy period, packed with daily activity, fun, and excitement. You’re the life of the party everywhere you go!

Venus transiting natal house 4: It’s time to deepen your roots, and find pleasure in the comfort and harmony of your home and family.

Venus transiting natal house 5: Your heart is brimming with love, and is your guide to passion and fun.

Venus transiting natal house 6: You are a master in the art of diplomacy, expanding your connections and finding a deeper meaning in your daily life.

Venus transiting natal house 7: The time is right for partnerships, especially romantic ones, and you can experience the power of conscious balance in your relationship with another person.

Venus transiting natal house 8: Realize the transformative power of dealing with what is beyond your control.

Venus transiting natal house 9: You are ready to expand your horizons and align your spirituality with your lifestyle.

Venus transiting natal house 10:  This is a moment of success, recognition, and magnetism in all your relationships, including romantic and work.

Venus transiting natal house 11: Reap the rewards of your art and natural magnetism, and invest in new projects.

Venus transiting natal house 12: Realize the value of rest and letting go, and focus on nurturing important relationships in your life.

With love,