Flow from within: The endless benefits of yoga

Yoga helps you to shift focus to your inner life, so that you can deepen your intuition.

Yoga originated in India some 6,000 years ago. Its teachings are rooted in self-knowledge, action, and wisdom. It embodies unity of body, mind and soul, and action, thought, and intuition, and is about creating balance and journeying inwards to achieve a state of oneness with yourself, the world, and nature. The practice is fundamentally spiritual and goes far beyond easing tension in the body!

Research proves that just 10 minutes of yoga each day significantly improves your health:

On a physical level – Enjoy greater strength, balance, and flexibility; better circulation; and increased levels of GABA (a neurotransmitter in the brain that improves mood).

On a mental level – Benefit from a heightened sense of clarity and calm; increased mind-body connection; sharpened concentration; and improved focus.

On an emotional level – Strengthen your connections (you’ll feel far more open!); experience less stress; and better sleep quality.

On an intuitive level – Enjoy the flow of your creative insight; connect to your inner knowing; increased joy, certainty and calm from within.

The practice of yoga allows you to become truly present and, in the process, shows you that you are inseparably connected to the Universe. As you quieten your mind, you’ll discover the wisdom within you.

One of life’s greatest treasures is the ability to access a deeper consciousness and awareness, or chit chaitanya, as it is said in Sanskrit. Start practicing today to develop yours!