Energy calendar for 2023

Wishing you a Happy New Year! I hope you had a nourishing time with loved ones over the holiday season, while also resting, recuperating, and aligning with nature’s shifting energy.

With our new, personalized Astro Forecast feature now on the Soulloop app for you to enjoy, I’ve looked at how the year will unfold for us as a collective.

Be sure to mark your (cosmic) calendar: 2023 is going to be a unique one!


Mercury and Mars in retrograde motion

The new year begins with a retrospective energy. An opportunity to reflect on what we learned from 2022, as well as review and plan. If you’re on vacation, enjoy it guilt-free. If you’re working, concentrate on strategies and planning. If you find yourself experiencing challenges, distance yourself through meditation. By January 18, we begin to look forward to what is to come and how we can work toward goals through concrete action.

🗓️Early Spring in the North / Early Autumn in the SouthSaturn enters Pisces (2.5 years)

On March 7, Saturn — planet of rules, authority, and purpose — will move to Pisces. Level up your productivity and take a systematic approach to your intuition. Soon you’ll see your hard work lead to life-changing accomplishment. Expanding your self-awareness will have a ripple effect on the collective. Major changes are to be expected!

Pluto in Aquarius (March 23 – June 10)
Pluto — the planet of transformation — briefly enters Aquarius, before settling there from 2024-2043. This transit sees advances and transformations in the world of technology. During this period, we’ll get a glimpse of the next 20 years of social progress and the direction it’ll take in the future. Together, we can put plans in place to leave a better world for the next generations.

Mars leaves Gemini
From March 25, there’ll be a switch from curiosity and sociability to bonding and self-protection, when Mars — planet of drive — moves from Gemini to Cancer. This leads to a greater sense of belonging and inner happiness. Keep up with daily wellness practices. Sound emotional foundations are vital for building resilience.  

🗓️Late Spring in the North / Late Autumn in the South

Solar eclipse in Aries (April 20) and Lunar eclipse in Scorpio (May 5)

This will be a transformational time to bring about new initiatives, led by passions that may have been hidden a long time. You’ll have opportunities for healing, addressing vulnerability, deep probing into failures and mistakes — made by ourselves and others, and respectful communication in our relationships. If you approach it with compassion, togetherness, and connection, this period will open you up to greater awareness, as well as new and more spontaneous ways to express your needs.

Jupiter in Taurus
With an expansive energy, Jupiter represents the path in life towards fulfillment of your potential. Between May 16 – 25, be willing to explore the unknown, confident in the changes that it stirs up. It’ll be a time of opportunity, serendipity, and optimism. We’ll be more willing to broaden our perspective on life, yet still grounded in our perceptions of reality. 

Jupiter aspects (conjunct the North Node, square to Pluto in Aquarius)

Towards the end of May, our ambition, confidence, and adaptability will be boosted. The energy also brings a softening in the collective and individual affirmation. Reflect and return to your roots to direct your power for inner transformation. 

🗓️ Summer and Autumn in the North / Winter and Spring in the South

Venus in Leo, from June 6 to October 8, retrograding from July 22 to September 3

The way we relate and share our love, affection, resources, and energy, as well as the importance of our self-worth, will be highlighted and under revision. This transit brings long-lasting transformation that builds self-esteem in all areas of our life since, during this lengthy stay in Leo, Venus will make important aspects to all other planets.

🗓️ Late Autumn in the North/Late Spring in the South

Solar eclipse in Libra (October 14) and Lunar eclipse in Taurus (October 28)

Obstacles that may have previously seemed huge suddenly become simpler or, conversely, an impending crisis is quickly manifested. Relating and communicating will be central factors in rapidly unfolding events, with hidden elements coming to light, putting relationships to the test. Seize opportunities to explore uncharted territories. You’ll notice inevitable changes and personal transformation.
The energy of these transits will be felt differently depending on the houses of your birth chart in which they occur — find out more about how you can harness it with your personalized Astro Forecast in the Soulloop app.