Eclipse Season

On April 20, there is a special solar eclipse. The Sun and Moon come together in the last degree of the sign of Aries, forming a New Moon in Aries which transits into Taurus shortly after, when first the Moon and then the Sun enter that sign.

When an eclipse occurs, the Moon and the Sun coincide with one of the Moon’s Nodes. In this case, it happens with the North Node in Taurus, when the Moon passes over this point, causing a hybrid eclipse – as the New Moon takes place in Aries and the eclipse takes place in Taurus.

A new cycle of eclipses on the Aries/Libra axis begins, emphasizing spontaneity and independence, and how we can experience them with others, in partnership and harmony. Since it is hybrid, it still maintains themes from the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the last two years, with changes in values and resources.

Independence and togetherness

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, associated with beginnings, individuality, and autonomy, and Libra is the seventh sign, related to the other — to negotiation, balance, relationships, and partnerships in particular. 

During this eclipse, we become more aware of our personal motivation to embrace exciting new experiences that encourage us out of our comfort zone, to experience our individuality and our potential. We feel motivated to take initiatives and find solutions, to discover new ways and explore unique paths that lead us to achievement. 

It is also a time to focus on building up mutual benefit in our relationships, on bringing more beauty and pleasure to our lives, reflecting on what is no longer serving us and setting new intentions. This eclipse enhances fertility in all the diversity of its manifestations, through a strong creative drive expressed passionately both in close relationships and projects.

The energy of this eclipse for the next six months

  • Stability: There is an abundance of results as present and previous ongoing projects come to fruition. We are collectively still focused on bringing lasting material stability to our personal goals. Opportunities and coincidences facilitate the process of bringing them into reality, which enhance our resourcefulness, both to find solutions and to attain concrete results, with the Sun still conjunct Jupiter in Aries.
  • Your best self: We understand the need to transform conditionings of security, power, and control. We are able to see that our values are linked to the collective and how our self-worth increasingly nourishes our potential, with the energy of the square of the Sun, Moon, and North Node to Pluto.

Harness this eclipse energy with the Soulloop app:

  • Navigate this period with your personalized astro forecast, astrological predictions based on the relation between the planets in transit and your Birth Chart, to make the best decisions.
  • Explore the sign meditations, choosing Aries to enhance your courage, initiative, and pioneering spirit, and Libra to experience greater balance, harmony, and sensuality.  
  • Do the New Moon meditation, making the most of this period to start over, setting new intentions for the future and launching new projects.

Wishing you a happy eclipse this week!