Connect to your emotions, transform your life

With Venus in Capricorn, our relationships are aglow. Navigate your journey toward the stability, longevity, and commitment you seek with emotional intelligence.

Emotions are an innate and principally unconscious process: up to 95% of all behavior is thought to be driven by unconscious conditioning. When you connect to your emotions, you can understand their role and ultimately manage them better. 

Listen to your body

Your reactions are a cumulationofoccurrences from your past, stored as memories that program your future. Your brain deciphers, makes sense of, and organizes every single experience you have and saves it to a harddrive (your subconscious). 

Changes in behavior come about as soon as you address the underlying processes.

From a biological standpoint, this is because of how your nervous system works. When it senses a threat, perceived or real, this sensory response goes to your brain, through your emotional center (limbic system) and then the rational one (frontal cortex), which is where we’re aware of long-term consequences and wise judgment. We often think we’re passive to this instantaneous response. In fact, we engage actively and can train our emotional intelligence.

What happens when you strengthen emotional intelligence?

  • You can understand and problem-solve common causes (and consequences) of emotions.
  • You can regulate and use emotions in a variety of specific contexts more successfully.
  • You perceive emotions accurately in yourself and others from cues, body language, and behavior.

How to understand your emotions

Connect to how you’re feeling:

  • Breathwork. Regulate your breath to interrupt and redirect the flow of your emotions. It calms the nervous system, helping you to manage your “fight or flight” response.
  • Asana. Let go of the tension that your body has been physically holding onto. It boosts feel-good chemicals, which lowers stress levels.
  • Mudra. Facilitate emotional healing by connecting to your chakras.
  • Lunar cycle tracking. Become aware of how your emotions fluctuate throughout the month. Knowledge is power — lean into courage when you have it in abundance, and nurture yourself when you feel receptive.

Using these practices, Soulloop app can help you create harmony between your inner and outer worlds.

As Carl Jung said: “Emotion is the chief source of all becoming conscious. There can be no transforming of darkness into light […] without emotion.” Make the unconscious conscious and build the life you want.