Change is the only constant

We have a month ahead of Gemini vibes enlivening us with curiosity, constant movement, versatility, and the joy of diversity.

Change is in the air

As we move through this energy, we are reminded that change is a natural part of life. We see how we are constantly evolving, and this period encourages us to do so.

Change can be challenging, yet mostly liberating and empowering as we invite growth and new opportunities into our lives. 

Change is only apparently a singular action or a one-time event. In fact, it is a continuous process. Research shows how change unfolds in stages, each presenting their unique potential:

–   pre-contemplation: the reason and lead up to change 

–   contemplation: considering change 

–   preparation: getting mentally and physically ready 

–   action: taking the necessary steps 

–   maintenance: continuing the journey

To uphold change, it’s important to celebrate progress through each stage as a significant achievement, rather than waiting until the ultimate destination is reached. This way, we deal with the fact that our brain register the uncertainty that comes with change the same way it registers an error. We simply crave to resolve it, so we can feel comfortable again.

As we progress through the various stages of change, we’ll find that we become more resilient, self-aware, and compassionate. We are aware that the process involves a willingness to transform our limitations, accept our vulnerabilities, and actively work towards a better version of ourselves. 

How to embrace change 

  • Pursue growth: View challenges as opportunities, be open to new experiences, and recognize that failure is a necessary part of growth.
  • Develop resilience: The ability to adapt to change and bounce back from challenge can be developed through a combination of optimism, sense of purpose, and perseverance.
  • Practice mindfulness: Stay present and grounded during times of change, reducing stress and anxiety. 
  • Find support: A strong support network helps you navigate change more easily and effectively. This can include friends, family, or a professional therapist.
  • Take small steps: They are more effective than big leaps when it comes to making lasting changes. Breaking down large goals into smaller, manageable steps can make change feel achievable.

During Gemini season you learn about change in a playful way, exploring and having fun. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and it is an ideal time to express yourself, share ideas, and connect with others.

Top Tips:

♊Listen to the ‘Air’ soundscape in Soulloop app while you journal your thoughts and ideas about change, honoring the element of Gemini season.

♊Navigate life’s changes with confidence, feeling supported by your personalized astro forecast in the Soulloop app, astrological predictions based on the relationship between the planets in transit and your birth chart.

Make the most of your sense of wonder and curiosity, and be swept up in the magic of change.