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This week there are endless possibilities and opportunities for connection, for putting ideas into action, and for shifting perspectives, with Venus entering Gemini.  There may be so much happening at such a quick pace, and with such ease, that we may feel carried along, with high energy and a feeling of synchronicity. With this abundance… Continue reading Abundance

Love and communication

This Full Moon in Libra motivates us to share our vulnerabilities and brings us closer to the people we love. It is time to accept these hidden areas of ourselves, and let them show in our relationships.  We notice the role of others in the fulfillment of our dreams, and feel deep appreciation for everything… Continue reading Love and communication


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The astrological new year is well and truly underway — can you feel the energy shift?  April ushers in opportunities to upgrade our relationships and express our uniqueness. This is a good time for new love, a new phase in an existing relationship, or even new creative projects.  The first few days of the month… Continue reading Self-worth

Happy new astrological year!

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Yesterday the Sun entered Aries, starting a new astrological cycle. It was also the first equinox of the year, one of the two times in the year when the length of day and night are the same, with the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere and of autumn in the southern hemisphere.  March is… Continue reading Happy new astrological year!

Harmony in sleep

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The World Sleep Day on March 17 coincides with Mercury moving into Aries just two days later, bringing an energy that speeds up our thought processes and impacts our sleep patterns. The highly dynamic energy of Aries, which also rules the head, magnifies the characteristics of the planet of mental activity, Mercury. Our mind turns… Continue reading Harmony in sleep

Women’s Day #EmbraceEquity

Low angle picture of three women dressed in white, dancing holding their hands in a sunny day.

Tomorrow we celebrate International Women’s Day, this year with the theme #EmbraceEquity. It goes beyond the call to create equality to a fair, impartial, inclusive world for everybody, finding a place of harmony and unity. Feminine energies Attuned to this intention, our self-care and care for others is illuminated by the energy of the Full… Continue reading Women’s Day #EmbraceEquity

Relationships that heal 

This week we may notice a shift in the way we relate. In the role and place relationships have in our life, in how we share, in how we communicate, with the energy of Mercury in Pisces, and we are especially aware of the healing power of relationships, with the energy of the conjunction of… Continue reading Relationships that heal 

Follow your heart

Stylish woman riding a bike in summer in Napa Valley, California

Together, we charge into the week with a series of spirited transits encouraging us to take action. Lean into this forward-moving energy and have the confidence to trust your intuition. Body-mind connections ‘Follow your heart’ is more than a positive motivational phrase. Advances in science have shown that we can understand our own internal states… Continue reading Follow your heart

Yin Yang

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The pendular nature of balance has always been noted in ancient philosophies across the world. One of the most well known is the Chinese concept of yin and yang, two opposite but interconnected forces. When in balance, we experience them as a unity — a feeling of wholeness within ourselves. We enact this duality in… Continue reading Yin Yang

Balance leads to self-worth

Funny and quirky pose in the city. Edgy and bold with a minimalistic aesthetic. She's holding a grocery bag and balancing her body.

As the week unfolds, we feel driven to upgrade our routines with the energy of the Moon in Virgo. We look to improve our emotional balance with healthy habits and now have the energy to make it happen.  Each positive outcome is a step towards confidence and self-worth, fulfilling our need for balance, which the… Continue reading Balance leads to self-worth

Transits Launch – Become the master of your own life

As we head into a new cycle together, ripe with hope and opportunity, I’m excited to share with you our new feature in the Soulloop app: Astro Forecast. Here, you will be able to follow daily personalized astrological predictions based on the unique energy exchange between the planets in transit and your Birth Chart. How… Continue reading Transits Launch – Become the master of your own life

Open yourself up to the world

Young woman jumping on a white rock against deep blue sea.

With all planets in direct motion and a waxing Moon going through signs that open us up to communication, bonding, and caring, it’s time to go out into the world with open arms. Nurturing uniqueness Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll seek to bond with others while living out our uniqueness. There’s a spotlight… Continue reading Open yourself up to the world

Ritual for the New Year

Side shots of Beautiful young blond woman doing yoga asana in sunlit white studio , with copy space

As the new year approaches, with the coming retrogradation of Mercury, the moment has arrived for us to take stock of challenges we’ve overcome, the growth we’ve attained, and time we’ve enjoyed with loved ones. With gratitude, reflect on what you dream of taking forward into 2023 and what you will be leaving behind. Reflections… Continue reading Ritual for the New Year

A new beginning awaits you

Young black woman at home, sitting on the couch and writing in her notebook.

This week brings the second solstice of the year — on December 21 — when we see the Sun reaching its most southerly point in the sky, ready to be tracked in its gradual climb to the north. In the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year, as… Continue reading A new beginning awaits you

Connect to your emotions, transform your life

Young beautiful african american woman in skincare and beauty routine studio shoot.

With Venus in Capricorn, our relationships are aglow. Navigate your journey toward the stability, longevity, and commitment you seek with emotional intelligence. Emotions are an innate and principally unconscious process: up to 95% of all behavior is thought to be driven by unconscious conditioning. When you connect to your emotions, you can understand their role… Continue reading Connect to your emotions, transform your life

The strength to succeed

Woman Doing Yoga

With the end of 2022 in sight, you may have started to think about your New Year’s Resolutions: what do you want to accomplish during the year ahead? These goals can be easy to set, but you may find momentum dwindling. Habits take time to build and they require commitment.  If you have the courage… Continue reading The strength to succeed

Quieten the mind and expand your horizons

A long haired brunette woman walking in the desert in a airy wavy pink dress

This week I’ve been reflecting on a pattern we’ll all know well: when life gets busier, so do our minds – racing 10x faster than verbal dialogue, at more than 4,000 words per minute. In the midst of all these thoughts, it is important to find space to tune into what really matters: your inner… Continue reading Quieten the mind and expand your horizons

Take a leap of faith

On November 23, Jupiter completes its retrograde and goes direct in Pisces until December 19. As the planet of abundance, it magnifies all that it touches, so make the most of this energy by planting new seeds and celebrating moments of serendipity. Opportunities for expansion are there for the taking… Broaden your horizons ♓ Enjoy… Continue reading Take a leap of faith

The power of togetherness

Now more than ever, with the speed at which things are happening in the world, I find myself reflecting on the wise observation of the ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus: “Change is the only constant in life.”  Some of the recent global shifts have led to increased feelings of loneliness, as a result of less time… Continue reading The power of togetherness

Understand the big three in your birth chart

What even is the “Big Three”? It’s made up of your most important placements! These are: ☉ Sun sign (Star sign): Your essence, overarching personality and how you naturally shine. ↑ Rising sign (Ascendant sign): Your identity, physical characteristics and how others see you. ☾ Moon sign: Your emotions, inner processes, and how you nurture… Continue reading Understand the big three in your birth chart

Live in harmony during Libra season

Young couple and dog playing in the park

When the grounding and organized energy of Virgo season passes, Libra brings balance to your life.  A free-spirited air sign, Libra energizes the month with mastery in diplomatic communication. This energy allows you to increase sociability and fair-mindedness. Tact, openness to exchange points of view, and flexibility to reconsider opinions are enhanced, stimulating favorable personal… Continue reading Live in harmony during Libra season

How to align with the energy of the autumn equinox

Yoga instructor practicing yoga in the yellow field.

Fall in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere marks the midway point of the astrological year. Like cycles in nature, our lives go through periods of growth. When seasonal energies shift, they resonate with our bodies and souls, making it a time full of potential for personal transformation.  What the equinox represents… Continue reading How to align with the energy of the autumn equinox

Understand your Mercury sign to improve your communication

Mercury is well known for its effects during the retrograde movement. You’ve probably heard people blaming things on “Mercury retrograde!”. However, it is a lot more significant than that. Mercury is the planet associated with your communication style, thinking patterns, and intellect. Arguably, it’s just as important as your Sun sign, since it shows how… Continue reading Understand your Mercury sign to improve your communication

The art of restorative sleep

Beautiful girl waking up in the morning

Virgo season is a time for self-improvement and new beginnings. As you naturally become drawn to making lifestyle changes, remember that sleep is one of the most important components of our health. It also touches every aspect of our wellbeing.  What are the stages of sleep? One sleep cycle lasts roughly 90 minutes, during which… Continue reading The art of restorative sleep

Embracing imperfection during Virgo season

Portrait of beautiful happy woman in nature during sunset. She is on top of peak looking at a beautiful landscape view at sunset. There are flowers

Themes to expect during Virgo season Virgo is associated with health, wellness, and daily optimization. A key theme of this energy is the organization of a healthier life, which will give you a strong foundation. A metaphor that comes to mind is “put your own oxygen mask on first”. When you take care of yourself,… Continue reading Embracing imperfection during Virgo season

Intuition: The superpower you didn’t know you had

Horizontal long shot of modern Caucasian woman practicing meditation on mountain rock on cloudy summer day, copy space

Are you familiar with that feeling in the pit of your stomach that notifies you of what to do? Call it a sixth sense, hunch, or gut feeling, it’s your intuition creating links and providing you with valuable information. Some scientists have even coined this your ‘second brain.’ Your intuition is knowing beyond logic. It’s… Continue reading Intuition: The superpower you didn’t know you had

Shine Bright like the Sun

Sexy black woman dancing at sunset. She is raising her arms on air.

Rising like clockwork, the Sun is the star that gifts you with a new beginning every day. At the center of our solar system, it conducts and orchestrates all other planets – including Earth, enabling all life to exist here. What does the Sun represent in astrology? The Sun captures your identity, overarching personality and… Continue reading Shine Bright like the Sun

Jupiter retrograde: make your own lucky path

Late-afternoon portrait of an attractive young woman dancing alone in beautiful countryside. Lens flare in camera.

When Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, retrogrades, it gives you time to lay the groundwork for what you want to manifest. After all, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity…   Get to know the planet of growth: Jupiter reveals where you can expand ideals and visions to realize your potential. As… Continue reading Jupiter retrograde: make your own lucky path

Sync with the Moon

A single glider hovering in the night sky in front of the full moon.

In astrology, the Moon represents your deepest physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Psychologically, it represents your inner self, which is led by emotions and intuition. It’s the ruler of Cancer and associated with the home and relationships. The Moon is also the quickest, most changeable, and most movable celestial body. Over the course of each… Continue reading Sync with the Moon

Rewrite your life with Gratitude

African woman Portrait with Gambian clothes

You may have heard the saying “what you focus on grows.” This is true when it comes to the power of gratitude. How often do you stop and reflect on what you’re grateful for? Our brains are hardwired to keep us safe, so they are acutely aware of potential threats in our surroundings. The practice… Continue reading Rewrite your life with Gratitude

Follow your intuition during Neptune Retrograde

The energy of Neptune deals with matters of spirituality, as well as how we express compassion and empathy in the world. Therefore, its retrograde motion sparks self-reflection and the opportunity to develop greater empathy towards ourselves and others. Because of its association with abstract themes such as fantasy and dreams, the energy of Neptune can… Continue reading Follow your intuition during Neptune Retrograde

Flow from within: The endless benefits of yoga

Young Woman Doing Downward Dog Yoga Pose in Studio

Yoga helps you to shift focus to your inner life, so that you can deepen your intuition. Yoga originated in India some 6,000 years ago. Its teachings are rooted in self-knowledge, action, and wisdom. It embodies unity of body, mind and soul, and action, thought, and intuition, and is about creating balance and journeying inwards… Continue reading Flow from within: The endless benefits of yoga

The power of Vulnerability

Being vulnerable in life is important. It fosters good emotional and mental health. Oftentimes, it’s misunderstood as being submissive or weak. Vulnerability is the courage to be yourself. It’s the basis of all creativity and connection. The more in-tune you are with your authentic self, the more you align with your soul purpose. Showing vulnerability… Continue reading The power of Vulnerability

Zodiac water signs: find your flow

Surreal portrait of a beautiful relaxed woman floating on a minimal seascape with eyes closed during warm sunset of summer

Did you know that the ocean covers over 70% of the planet? It’s our life source and supports every living organism on earth. The ocean has no urgency but flows consistently and rhythmically. It has done for millions of years! It also teaches us that everything is connected at an energetic level. Astrologically speaking, the… Continue reading Zodiac water signs: find your flow

Healthy habits to start today

It’s no secret that the pandemic presented us with substantial challenges. However, there was also immense opportunity for growth and regeneration. In a world full of change, having a toolkit of resources to tap into is more important than ever. Knowledge is power, and it makes most sense when experienced through practice. Soulloop app gives… Continue reading Healthy habits to start today

Tap into your creativity

What does creativity teach us? Creativity means something different for everybody. For some, it’s centered around skills such as art, music, or writing. But, in fact, creativity can be expressed in most day-to-day activities, including speaking, cooking, how we dress and so on. Evoking your creativity will benefit you immensely. It has been proven through… Continue reading Tap into your creativity

The eclipse and the connection with a powerful portal

The tail of a sperm whale waving goodbye. Image taken off Sri Lanka.

An eclipse season is a powerful portal for change. Astrologically, eclipses happen in a set of two opposite zodiac signs. The first of 2022 took place on 30th April at 10 degrees of Taurus, and Monday 16th at 27 degrees of Scorpio (coinciding with May’s Full Moon!). During the second lunar eclipse, the Moon was… Continue reading The eclipse and the connection with a powerful portal

How to channel your chakras

To feel a deeper connection with the world and those around you, start by investing in the relationship you have with yourself. Self-awareness is the greatest gift you can give to others (not to mention yourself!), and regular practice leads to meaningful outcomes. Learning to balance your chakras is one of the many tools that… Continue reading How to channel your chakras

How to harness happiness

Do you ever feel that happiness is a destination you are in constant pursuit of? Happiness exists when we flow with life and not when we struggle against it. Trust in your life’s trajectory and that your earthly choices are directing you towards something bigger than you can imagine. Your happiness does not depend on… Continue reading How to harness happiness

The Art of Slowing Down Over

Young black woman at home, sitting on the couch and writing in her notebook.

Whenever you’re faced with changes, it’s important to master the art of relaxation, which has innumerable benefits on every level: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Prioritizing rest will support your soul to resolve unconscious tendencies, as well as provide you with the closure you need. Don’t forget, we repair when we rest and become… Continue reading The Art of Slowing Down Over

Listen to what’s stirring within you

Beautiful woman practicing yoga by a lake

When you commit to increasing self-awareness and raising your vibration, you create positive ripple effects in your life and others. Therefore tuning in to your true desires becomes more important than ever. Do you know what your soul purpose is? What transformation really means to you? If the chatter of the mind is noisy, start… Continue reading Listen to what’s stirring within you

Hack your Habits

Pretty Caucasian woman pouring water in teapot.

Every month provides a fresh opportunity to re-evaluate and move forward. That’s right, you can take advantage of the lunar cycle using the astrological tools in our app. The more you tap into how the Moon impacts your energy, the more abundant life becomes. The reality is that we are not all the same, and… Continue reading Hack your Habits

Energy calendar for 2023

Side shots of Beautiful young blond woman doing yoga asana in sunlit white studio , with copy space

Wishing you a Happy New Year! I hope you had a nourishing time with loved ones over the holiday season, while also resting, recuperating, and aligning with nature’s shifting energy. With our new, personalized Astro Forecast feature now on the Soulloop app for you to enjoy, I’ve looked at how the year will unfold for… Continue reading Energy calendar for 2023

The Power of Connection

We are all intrinsically connected – every action has a reaction and we thrive when working together. Connection is a core value of many. When you have the sense that you are deeply connected, you also know you’re aligned to your soul purpose. In fact, there are no limits to what we can achieve when… Continue reading The Power of Connection

How to understand your dreams better

A flock of birds flying over clam, glassy waters

Have you ever been encouraged to ‘sleep on it’ before making an important decision, only to wonder what benefit this brings? Well, sleep, namely your dreams, really can provide invaluable insights when it comes to your waking life. So, why do we dream? One widely held theory is that it allows us to process and… Continue reading How to understand your dreams better

Sync with the phases of the Moon

Sunset light and full moon in the alps of Switzerland. The bright moon sits on top of the snow covered peak on a winter evening. The summit cross can be seen.

Did you know that the moon has a great influence on the ocean? The combination of Earth’s gravity and the gravitational pull of the moon creates a phenomenon called tidal force, which is what causes our ocean tides to change.  In fact, the moon greatly affects the planet overall, in particular water, which is interesting,… Continue reading Sync with the phases of the Moon

What is karmic astrology?

There’s a famous parable that tells a story of a disciple who asks their Master if he believes in destiny. The Master asks the disciple to lift one of his legs, and the disciple lifts his left leg. He then asks him to lift the other leg and the disciple says it is impossible, as… Continue reading What is karmic astrology?

The planet ruler of the year

A clear bright moon over mountain peak in Switzerland. Blue hour sky before dark.

I wanted to share with you the concept of the planet ruler of the year, which is rooted in medieval and Kabbalistic astrological traditions. Useful for a keynote understanding of the year ahead, it gives us hints on how the energy will unfold.  With gratitude, reflect on what you dream of taking forward into 2023… Continue reading The planet ruler of the year

Welcome to Soulloop

An introduction to our Founder, Priscila Priscila is a karmic astrologer and life coach, who’s created soulloop app to share her expertise and self-awareness therapies to a much wider global audience.  She’s spent much of the past 20 years dedicated to learning and integrating a wide range of theories into her teaching; psychology, karmic astrology,… Continue reading Welcome to Soulloop