Can we “have it all”?

Yes, we can ‘have it all’.

Sometimes it can feel like we have to choose between family and personal achievements. The current energy is showing us we can find wholeness from integrating both these parts of our lives.

We can learn how to fulfill both our emotional needs and our ambitions, with the Sun in Cancer and the Full Moon in Capricorn lighting up the skies.


We can have happy fulfilled lives at home while also making an impact out in the world.

The concept of yin and yang – originating from ancient Chinese philosophy – teaches us about the balance of opposites in the universe and how they cohere. 

Yin represents the feminine, nurturing energy, while yang embodies the masculine, action-oriented energy. 

With the Sun in Cancer‘s nurturing energy, it’s the perfect time to look after ourselves, our homes and our families. 

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Make it a family affair, inviting your loved ones to join, creating a coherent atmosphere at home.

The Capricorn Full Moon is also the ideal time to set career goals and take practical steps towards achieving them, tapping into your yang energy and channelling determination and perseverance. 

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By balancing our emotional and familial lives with our ambitions and career aspirations, we can find harmony between heart and mind and a sense of fulfillment and purpose.

With love,