Boost your perception

Dear Soulloopers,

It’s time to consider new perspectives in all areas of life!

With Mercury in Gemini since yesterday – conjunct Jupiter, along the Sun and Venus there – networking and communication in all forms will generate opportunities for positive change. 

With a more open mind you can take your friendships, relationships and business to a new level.

Let your curiosity broaden your horizons and deepen your understanding. Think big, explore new possibilities, and experiment with confidence. 

Inspire Honest Communication 

The New Moon in Gemini on the 6th invites you to reflect on the dynamics of your relationships, a moment to set intentions for greater harmony and understanding in your commitments. 

You can deepen your relationships by creating space for free and honest communication, where everyone can speak their mind and listen with an open heart. 

With realistic expectations, consider practical implications, and articulate with simplicity your thoughts, as these conversations can build solid foundations for the future from a new perspective.

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Sex appeal

With Mars in Taurus from the 9th, you may feel more attuned to your senses and physical body, and seek out experiences that bring comfort and pleasure, enjoying food, touch, and all sensory delights.

Take steady and deliberate steps, without rushing into action… and with openness to change. Then, let your imagination fly and trust your intuition and talents. 

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Communicate through the other’s perspective and be surprised with the connection you can generate.

With love,

Priscila x