Boost your charisma

November is a period of networking, socializing, romance, and friendship. Your charisma is high and the main planetary energies interact with the whole to enhance your ability to attract good things into your life.

The energy of Venus, the planet of love, has been highlighted throughout 2023 and is gaining intensity again. You may notice that your charm is more captivating and your relationships are in the spotlight. Simultaneously this week, Venus and Mercury, both relational planets, change signs, bringing a pleasant openness to communication and understanding.

On November 8, Venus enters Libra, one of its own signs, enhancing harmony and mutual benefit in relationships. On November 10, Mercury enters Sagittarius, bringing transparency and breadth to thoughts and communication. 

In Venus’ other sign, Taurus, the presence of Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, expands the aesthetic and sensual dimension of our gaze, stimulates the collaborative purpose of our vision of the world and the way we love becomes more generous.

Emotional connection and deep conversations

Throughout the month, there is cosmic resonance to appreciate beauty and at the same time connect through unconditional love. Check the special moments that the two planets can bring to your life:

💜 Venus in sextile to Mercury: Conversations feel more pleasant and it is easier to explore challenging topics, with emotional depth in a balanced and articulate way.

🎨 Venus in opposition to Neptune: With heightened imagination, you can dive deep into artistic expression, such as music, photography, and any form of creative work that taps into your emotions and intuition.

👐Venus in trine to Pluto: You attract people who appreciate and enjoy your presence, experiencing emotional connections that may lead to lasting relationships. This magnetic quality extends to your finances and career, bringing people and opportunities that facilitate strategic moves and lead to stability and success.

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💬 Mercury in sextile to Pluto: You verbalize better your personal growth and transformation, with psychological awareness, gaining insights into your own thought patterns, motivations, and beliefs.

✨ Mercury in trine to Neptune: It’s a good time to brainstorm, dream big, and see the world in a more holistic way. Artistic endeavors, writing, exploring metaphysical subjects come naturally. Your intuition is enhanced, your dreams more vivid, and you connect with others on a deep emotional and spiritual level.

🫶 Mercury in sextile to Venus: Enjoy the light-heartedness of your relationships and schedule more dates. It’s an excellent time for romance, to share your love and appreciation through heartfelt words and gestures.

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Make the most of the boost to your charisma.

With all my love,