behind the scenes

Priscila lima de charbonnières is an astrologer, life coach, speaker and author. she recently founded soulloop to bring together her life experience and work in development of behavioural skills and the use of intuition. Priscila’s journey has led her to this point, the introduction of soulloop. she wanted to bring a fully comprehensive experience to the market find  meaning  by taking part in a holistic journey embracing astrology, meditation, yoga and breathing to help people find their true life path.

Priscila has dedicated her life through education of, and training as a personal and professional life coach. she has studied, trained and practised psychology, astrology, yoga, reiki, feng shui, meditation, kabbalah, dowsing, family constellation, quantic activation, cosmic integration, western and eastern philosophies.

her passion, commitment and dedication in this field has led to her inauguration at distinguished suddha dharma mandalam and the theosophical society of london.

Priscila is a wife, mother of four and lives between São Paulo and London. she escapes in her on-to-one coaching passion and can be frequently found in the backdrop of nature sharing her knowledge and moments of enlightenment with her dedicated followers through live videos