Be Truly Inspired

Inspiration is the fuel that ignites our passions and drives us forward. It breathes life into our dreams, fueling our creativity and motivation.

Being open to inspiration leads to a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Rather than waiting for inspiration to knock, there are ways to both invite it and boost it.

🌟 The Science of Inspiration

Inspiration often occurs when we have new and meaningful experiences that spark a surge of motivation and creativity, and arises from a combination of external stimuli and internal processes. 

Inspiration positively affects our cognition. It enhances our problem-solving skills, enhances memory consolidation, and promotes the integration of new information. Being inspired fuels our creativity and helps us learn and grow.

Invite Inspiration…

Cultivate a curious mind and stay open to new ideas to explore different perspectives as you expand your knowledge. At the same time, seek meaningful connections, surrounding yourself with supportive people who inspire you. Find your purpose by following what truly excites and drives you, to align your actions with your values. It is easier to invite inspiration by engaging with uplifting books, art, music, and conversations.

Like a delicate flower, inspiration requires nurturing to flourish, and you can cultivate and sustain your creative spark:

  • Welcome challenges: See setbacks as opportunities for growth, learn from them, and keep moving forward.
  • Connect with nature: Spend time outdoors, immerse yourself in its beauty, and draw inspiration from the world around you.
  • Enjoy your solitude and reflection: Take time to disconnect, meditate, and allow your mind to wander.
  • Connect to your energy center of creativity with the Soulloop app‘s Solar plexus chakra meditation to activate the energy of inspiration.
  • Open up to breakthroughs with the Creativity journey’s personalized meditations on the Soulloop app. 

Welcome the spark within! 

With love,

Priscila x