Balance leads to self-worth

As the week unfolds, we feel driven to upgrade our routines with the energy of the Moon in Virgo. We look to improve our emotional balance with healthy habits and now have the energy to make it happen. 

Each positive outcome is a step towards confidence and self-worth, fulfilling our need for balance, which the Moon in Libra highlights on 9th and 10th. It is a good moment to cultivate emotional balance and self-worth.

Build lasting self-worth

Research has shown our capacity to go through life with a balance of emotion and reason is connected to a specific brain region: ‘area 32’, which communicates information between cognitive and emotional brain regions, moderating the activity of both these areas. 

By allowing ourselves to experience our feelings and learning to accept them, we activate area 32, facilitating healthy emotional balance, contentment, and self-worth, key to our overall wellbeing and growth. A strong sense of our own value is essential for a positive outlook on life, giving us the confidence, drive, and intention to navigate, and spring back from challenge and change.

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Harness your inner power to achieve emotional balance and contentment, creating the strongest foundations for your path in life.

Harness your inner power to achieve emotional balance and contentment, creating the strongest foundations for your path in life.

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