Astrology to develop intuition

We can understand the influences that are on us, says Priscila Charbonnieres, of the digital platform Soulloop

In addition to the office
I studied psychology in college, but I found that I wanted to go beyond what we call normal, the focus on disease. The goal of life is to be happy, regardless of what each one is going to do. I needed to find my way.

Open channel to intuition
I chose to study the mind. From the age of 13 I took courses, learned techniques from all areas of the occult sciences. When I got married very young, I walked away from that intuitive channel that I kept open. Everything changed when I had a very strong premonition about my daughter’s health and she was saved by a miracle. I understood that I could not close this channel.

why the signs
My beach is the invisible, so I went to study yoga , eastern and western philosophy , iris reading. I felt that all this esoteric knowledge was spilling over , but I didn’t see how I would bring it to a wider audience. I understood that astrology could be a channel. After all, everyone knows your sign, it’s in the papers every day. I use this knowledge as a gateway.

Witch thing?
There are people who are afraid of astrology, think it is against religion. I bring the subject lightly and naturally. In a recent workshop for teachers, I saw the faces of some of them looking at me at first, thinking “is she a witch?”, and then discovering that the content of astrology can be practical, help in everyday life.

Case-by-case service
I started working in an office offering the person’s astrological understanding. After that, I recommended the complementary techniques that could benefit her the most: acupuncture , meditation , coaching … Six years ago, I closed the space and went to London. I felt gypsy and it made no sense to go back to the previous structure. I decided to follow the Aquarius era and enter the technological world.

Not everything is written in the stars
The karmic astrology is not deterministic: we have the free will to do whatever we want. But we can understand the influences that are upon us. The birth chart is a mirror, our soul is constantly expanding, as is the universe. The moment of birth tells what the vibration of that being is. Thus, a person can understand what gifts and abilities he carries with him, to work on them.

Sensors connected in the soul
Personality is not everything—it must work as a servant of the soul. By knowing the spectrum you travel through, it is possible to identify patterns, find potentials and purposes. When body, mind and soul are aligned, synchronicities appear. With the “antennas” activated, it is possible to develop autonomy and intuition.

How to identify intuition
Should I or should not get on that plane — who hasn’t thought that? Is it an intuition or just fear? Breathing is the first indicator. Breathing completely quiets the emotional plane and meditating quiets the mental plane. After that, it’s easier to be clear about the intuition and listen to it.

Priscila Lima de Charbonnières is an astrologer and founder of the digital platform Soulloop , which will soon have an app in Portuguese and English. Mother of four, she lives part time in São Paulo and part time in London. he consults online and believes that everyone can listen to their intuition.

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