All forms of love

This is a period for love in all its forms, with Venus, the planet of love and harmony, in Leo, intensifying the energy of creativity.

The mythology and energy of love

The unmistakable energy of love is channelled differently through each planet. These different experiences of connection and affection are mentioned since classical antiquity.

💫Eros is a fervent and amorous love, characterized by yearning and impulses. 

🌙Mars represents passion and love that is expressed through desire, while Venus represents sensual love, affection, love for beauty, and partnership. Uranus can also be associated with Eros, as it embodies love for freedom, new beginnings, adventure, and unique things and people — there’s a feeling of romance.

💫Philia is a bond of love between friends, rooted in mutual respect and shared experiences. 

🌙It can be associated with the planet Mercury, which represents friendly love, intellectual connection, and interaction, as well as business, play, and fun with those close to us.

💫Agape is a compassionate love that prioritizes others. 

🌙The Moon represents this compassionate, nurturing love. Jupiter also embodies love for everyone, for higher knowledge, for students and teachers, and for values and ideas – that is love for ‘other’. Neptune also represents love for deep connection, for imagination and spiritual love.

💫Philautia is self-love. It refers to how we see ourselves, and how we feel about our body and mind.

🌙The Sun embodies love of self, love for an inspired life, and love that inspires people around.

💫Pragma is a love that is seen in many long-term marriages and friendships. It is built on commitment, endurance, and companionship. 

🌙Saturn co-creates this devoted love, expressed through service, dedication to work, and love for those that have the authority of experience. 

Our understanding of the energy of each planet offers a roadmap for experiencing deeper connections and fulfillment in our relationships.

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💛Explore your Birth Chart to find what signs the planets are in, shedding light on how you express and receive love. Check in which house Leo is, now lit up with the energy of transiting Venus, and read below how you may feel it.

Venus transiting natal house 1: You are sensual, radiating an aura of love, at ease in building relationships.

Venus transiting natal house 2: Focus on your self-worth, strengthening your self-esteem and the material and immaterial values that are important to you.

Venus transiting natal house 3: Get ready for a busy period, packed with daily activity, fun, and excitement. You’re the life of the party everywhere you go!

Venus transiting natal house 4: It’s time to deepen your roots, and find pleasure in the comfort and harmony of your home and family.

Venus transiting natal house 5: Your heart is brimming with love, and is your guide to passion and fun.

Venus transiting natal house 6: You are a master in the art of diplomacy, expanding your connections and finding a deeper meaning in your daily life.

Venus transiting natal house 7: The time is right for partnerships, especially romantic ones, and you can experience the power of conscious balance in your relationship with another person.

Venus transiting natal house 8: Realize the transformative power of dealing with what is beyond your control.

Venus transiting natal house 9: You are ready to expand your horizons and align your spirituality with your lifestyle.

Venus transiting natal house 10: This is a moment of success, recognition, and magnetism in all your relationships, including romantic and work.

Venus transiting natal house 11: Reap the rewards of your art and natural magnetism, and invest in new projects.

Venus transiting natal house 12: Realize the value of rest and letting go, and focus on nurturing important relationships in your life.

May you feel love in all forms