5 tips to understand the astrological chart and what it has to do with self-knowledge

What is your relationship with the characteristics of your sign ? If you are one of those people who blindly believe that every Capricorn, for example, loves to work; or that every Aryan is difficult, just to name a few, you need to hear the tips of the astrologer and founder of Soulloop, Priscila Lima de Charbonnieres. She argues that astrology is a tool for deep self-knowledge that can improve our communication with people around us and have a better experience in the world.

Therefore, Priscilla selected 5 reading tips from our birth chart . “Understanding these points helps us to peel the layers of the onion, to reach a full understanding of ourselves. Understand our purpose in the world and live this purpose with awareness and fullness”, says Priscila.

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1. Sun, Moon and Ascendant

These are the points on the map most known to everyone. They create a triad that brings a lot of information about us. The Sun brings information about our essence, the Moon will talk about our emotional side and the ascendant, about our personality, our manifestation and the interaction we have with the environment.

2. Mercury

Mercury is about our mental processing and how we communicate. Basically, it’s the filter through which we see the world. Understanding our Mercury and people’s Mercury on our map makes it possible for us to speak in the same language, use the same language, because each one has a mental processingdifferent. A person with Mercury in Gemini, for example, will be much more likely to think of different ideas and change their minds, be more flexible and curious. A person with Mercury in Sagittarius will need to dig deep, delve into issues, believe in their own ideas, and perhaps find that other people’s ideas are not as effective. If I understand that the mental filter of the person I live with has this characteristic, I stop judging him or creating expectations. I get to understand how this person processes information and can get closer to their language.

3. South Lunar Nodes

The South Lunar Node brings the soul pattern that we repeat. It’s what’s known to us: family patterns , childhood points, past lives, starting points.

4. North Lunar Node

The North Lunar Node brings the potential that we have to develop in life. That potential is dormant and unknown to us. Throughout our existence, however, we will go through experiences, challenges and be called to situations that will develop these aspects. We go from point A to point B, from our patterns to our potentials . The North Node is our astrological compass. When we reach that vibration, we feel fullness.

5. Saturn

It is the meat driver that takes us from A to B. To understand Saturn is to have a very advanced understanding of ourselves, because Saturn is the driver driving the car on this road that is life. It is Saturn that takes us from unconscious patterns to full life with purpose . It’s what allows us to integrate soul and personality.

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