Tap into your creativity

What does creativity teach us? Creativity means something different for everybody. For some, it’s centered around skills such as art, music, or writing. But, in fact, creativity can be expressed in most day-to-day activities, including speaking, cooking, how we dress and so on. Evoking your creativity will benefit you immensely. It has been proven through extensive research to increase positive emotions, reduce stress, and even improve immune system functioning. It’s a fundamental way to express yourself and connect to your soul. Simply put, creativity involves manifesting your ideas and imagination into something more tangible that can be shared with the world. It also teaches us an invaluable life lesson: that the process is often more enriching than the outcome. Creativity and Astrology In astrology, there are 12 houses, all associated with different aspects of your life. The first six are more self-oriented, and the second half represent your being in relation to others, society and beyond. For example, the 5th. House (ruled by Leo) is all about self-expression, creativity, play, pleasure, the theater/ dramatics and having plenty of fun. While the 12thHouse (ruled by Pisces) is connected to spirituality, mysticism, the unconscious, dreams and accessing other worlds. But really, creativity is to be found in all areas of life and it expresses itself differently in the different houses. Awaken your creativity using soulloop app: 1) On the home screen, select Creativity as a Life Area. 2) In Insights, look at the sign and placement of Uranus in your chart. 3) To enhance your creativity, carry out the various Practices. These include breathing exercises, mudras, mantras, and yoga positions. 4) Swipe to the last screen and take note of the astrological insights shown to you. These can help you to better access your creative calling. 5) Remember to record what comes up for you using the notes or microphone. Self-reflection allows us to capture what emerges in the moment without judgment. When you move into creative flow, you’ll start to align with what’s calling you. Allow inspiration to flow through you, and most of all, use that energy for fun! With love, Priscila